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How to download the European Union energy label images.

Subscribers, click here. Non subscribers have free access to the demo version of the app. You can download images as follows: On most PCs you can right click on the image and then click on the Save File or Save Image button. Here is an example from a FireFox browser running under Windows 7:

Download images of energy labels

Note the "Save Image As..." menu item.

Other browsers, operating systems and devices will have similar methods for downloading the EU label. Another example is an Android phone running Google's browser. Simply leave you finger pressed on the image and you'll get a menu like this:

Save images of European Energy Labels

Now choose "Save image". You'll find the same sort of options on tablets and Apple devices.

Subscribers have an easier way of getting their high resolution 300 DPI unmarked image, once they have a password a link to the full image appears:

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