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What size should the new EU energy labels be?

These new labels were introduced in 2010 in the European Community and new ones are coming out every year. The specifications give the sizes of the various labels in millimeters...

TV label size in mmDishwasher label size in mm

You can see that the larger appliance (the dishwasher) has a bigger label than the smaller appliance, the TV. Smaller labels are 60mm x 120mm (2.36" x 4.72"), and larger labels are 110mm x 220mm (4.33" x 8.66").

Most specifications for these labels say that these are minimum sizes, so you can, for example, show labels twices as big, but you must not show labels that are smaller.

With white goods like dishwasher, freezers, fridges, washing machines etc. there is plenty of space for the label to actually be attached to the object...

Energy Labels and White Goods


... but televisions can be quite small, so a smaller label is more appropriate...

Energy Labels and TVs

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More details on sizes.

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