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What DPI for Eu Energy Labels?

The official EU documents of EU energy labels don't give a specification of DPI, only of the size of the label in millimeters. For example the dishwasher label specifications (COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) No 1059/2010) say that:

"The label shall be at least 110 mm wide and 220 mm high. Where the label is printed in a larger format, its content must nevertheless remain proportionate to the specifications above."

The reasoning is clear, there's a minimum size, but companies can use bigger labels if they want to. The pixel dimensions of a 300 DPI dishwasher label are given below:

EU dishwasher label at 300 DPI

Clearly if you increased the size of the label you'd have to increase the number of pixels in order to retain the 300 DPI. Our software will create the right sized image for you automatically.

You may, for very high quality goods, decide that you want the label printed at 600 DPI. Again, with a special custom request, the software can do all the calculations for you and create the correctly sized image.

If you are interested the calculation is as follows:

220mm = 8.661 inches

8.661 inches at 300 DPI is 8.661*300 = 2599.

Here is an image which compares what subscribers will get, and what demo mode shows:

Not only is the lower image at only 150 dpi, but you can see that it is a JPG (blurred stars) compared with the PNG (hard edged stars in the upper image.)

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