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Templates for European Energy Labels

The European Union supplies free some pretty complex templates for the "correct" design of EU energy labels, but there are problems, as show here. Once you have done a download of the label template (which consists of one or two zip files containing many graphics files) you need to be able to open them and interpret exactly what they mean. The problem is the the regulations say that though the label templates are their to help your graphics department, in case of contradictions you should use the regulation itself.

The quickest and easiest way of creating your label is to use this app:Create EU Label

There are a huge number of combinations and possible choices...

Many Eu labels and their templates

...and we can simplify the process for you to a just few clicks...

Online creation of energy labels

Here for example is one of the simpler template downloads (tumble driers)...

Downloaded Template

And for air conditioners there are two zip files, which contain 41 files...

Downloaded Template

Before you try creating the labels for yourself, or paying a consultant to do them (every single time!), try our label creating service: Create EU Label

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