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Ransen Software Announces EU Energy Labels online app.

Ransen Software has released the Create Label online app within its Eu Energy Labels site. On the 19th May 2010 the European Union adopted a directive which means that all sellers of white goods and televisions must display an "energy label" on or near the product for sale. This is to encourage:

  1. Consumers to choose the most efficient devices
  2. Manufacturers to increase the efficiency of their products.

These labels are not optional, they are legally required, and the format (colours, size, wording) for each type of product is precisely defined. This is so that consumers can swiftly compare two product's energy consumption at a glance. There is no more need to leaf through complex and/or confusing user manuals or compare manufacturer's labels, which have different information presentation styles.

Ransen Software's EU Energy Labels site has an online app (click here for screenshots) where you only need to fill in the text and numeric data, click on the Create Label button and the image file will be available to you within seconds. There's no need to phone the graphics design department or get an external graphics consultant to make a new label or modify an old one.

All the images in the full version are created at the industry standard 300 DPI, though higher DPI images can be handled by special request.

Currently the labels supported are:

  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge (7 Classes)
  • Fridge (10 Classes)
  • TV (2011)
  • TV (2014)
  • TV (2017)
  • TV (2020)
  • Air Con (2 duct)
  • Heater (2 duct)

Other labels are in development.

A one month subscription costs €50 Euros, and a year's subscription costs €300 Euros. You can try the free demo on your device of choice just by going to

For more information contact:

Ransen Software
Owen Ransen,
Tel +39 0331 400856


All these screenshots can be used to accompany the press release. Click on each thumbnail to see the full sized image.

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