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Information on European Union Energy Labels

The EU Energy Label helps you identify products (white goods, TVs etc) that have a reduced environmental and economical impact during their life. Recognised throughout Europe, EU Energy Label promotes energy efficiency excellence which can be trusted. As a producer or reseller you can use the software on this site to create high resolution European Union energy label images for all the appliances you make or sell.

The new labels have a reduced amount of text on them compared with the old ones, and practically do not need translation (unless of course you model number in the header of the label changes from country to country).

Here are some examples of the new labels and the icons used within them:

Information on EU energy labels

Click on the image above to start making your energy label in just a few clicks. For more information your particular appliances click on one of the links below:

Dishwasher Energy Labels.

Refrigerator Energy Labels.

Tumble Drier Energy Labels.

Television Energy Labels.

Water Heater Energy Labels.

Wine Storage Energy Labels.

It was on the 19th May 2010, that the EU actually adopted the Directive 2010/30/EU on energy labels. These labels are designed to help consumers, in all EU countries, choose products which save energy (and money) while browsing in the shop or online. They also provide incentives for the industry to develop and invest in energy efficient product design.

One of the problems for manufacturers and resellers is that they have to create their own labels, which can be time consuming and expensive if done by hand. Ransen Software has created this online app to simplify the process.

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