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Water Heater labelling in the EU

At the last count there were 9 (nine!) different EU energy efficiency labels for water heaters. This is because there are different types of heater (for example Solar/Conventional/Heat Pump) and some labels go up to class A while others go up to class A+.

Here is the conventional A+ label:

Conventional Water Heater Label

Here is the solar A label:

Solar Water Heater Label   Notice the solar map of Europe which displays three indicative global solar irradiance zones.

Click here for an explanation of kWh/annum. The document which describes how these classes should be measured and calculated, as well as how the labels should be drawn, is one of the biggest, at 8MegaBytes!

Note that this last label is one of the few labels which has two noise icons, one for internal noise (inside the house) and one for external noise (outside of the house...the sound of water dripping in pipes on the roof?)

Noise of solar powered water heaters

And how about this for a label...

Combined Solar Device and Water Heater Energy Label

One of the simpler labels is the Hot Water Storage Label:

Hot Water Storage Energy Efficiency Label

Contact me if you want a simple and efficient way to create your labels with your logo, model numbers and data, or try the online app.

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