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EU energy efficiency label software app

If you need to quickly create the new European Energy Efficiency labels (in force since 2010) you can use this app (compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets) to create the label:

EU Energy Effìciency Label making software

You don't need to download any software and the demo is free to try. Simply select the appliance (for example "Dishwashers"), type in the various numbers and click on the grey "Generate Image" button (which you see just above the created label in the screenshot below).

Here is a more detailed example (in your version your company's logo would appear at the top left of the label):

Program to make energy label

When you make a subscription you will be given a password and you'll need to send us the logo you want to put on your labels. Next just type in the numbers you want to appear in the label or choose options from drop lists.In the example above I've chosen Dishwashers, then inserted the energy class, the energy consumption in kWh/annum, the water consumption, the number of place settings, the drying class and the noise in db.

Then just click on the Generate Image button.

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