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European Union Energy Label Templates.

There is a link at the bottom of this page to the EU templates for the new (2010 and later) energy labels. You'll find them quite daunting if you are not a graphics expert, which is why this site contains an online app for the creation of labels quickly and painlessly.

The air conditioning template zip file contains a ton of sub directories, font files, .ai files etc. The structure of the downloaded zip file is shown below:

Downloaded Eu Template Zip File .

Inside the folder "Label09 Folder" is an Adobe Indesign file, an Instructions.txt file and two more sub directories of fonts and .ai Adobe Illustrator files. In total the air conditioning label template files total 74 MBytes.

Some zip files contain JPG and EPS images, one of the tumble drier template directories looks like this:

Downloaded tumble drier template files.

If you'd rather create labels quickly and simply just click here: .

If you'd rather do it all yourself then you can find the zip files here:

Click for templates download

...but beware of a few contradictions and errors in the files themselves.


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