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Information and creation of European Union energy labels

Dishwasher Energy Labels.

Creation of Energy Labels in batch mode.

European Union Energy Label Templates.

Download of your generated images.

Download of EU energy label templates.

Fridge Energy Labels.

General Info on EU Energy labels.

How to use the online label maker app.

kWh/Annum, what does it mean?

Labels for heating only double duct air conditioners (Regulation 2011/626)

Labels for cooling only double duct air conditioners (Regulation 2011/626)

Image quality of the downloaded labels.

Online appliance labels (Regulation 2014/518).

Pitfalls and gotchas of the energy label definitions.

Press Release.

Program to create EU labels.

Security of your data.

Size of EU energy labels

Tumble Drier Energy Labels.

Templates for EU Energy Labels.

Television Energy Labels.

Water Heater Energy Labels.

Wine Storage Energy Labels.

Icons for efficiency labels

Efficiency Label Examples

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